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How To Be A Global Conspiracy Influencer

Alex Jones, founder and presenter of Infowars, was disappeared from mainstream digital channels this week. Which was either an Orwellian hammer blow for free speech by unelected censors at Apple and YouTube. Or a resounding victory in the fight against hate speech and fake news.

If there is one certainty, it’s that a man-sized hole has opened up on the Internet to spread outlandish evidence-free conspiracy theories to a populist audience hungry for blood. ANY kind of blood.

Fancy your chances? Here’s MotherZine’s guide to becoming a global truth crusader.


Wave loaded hand guns at the camera

Did you know that mysterious black helicopters are flying above our heads all the time? They’re the strike force of the New World Order and they’re monitoring everything we do. So lock, load and wave your hand guns around just in case they come to steal you away.


Throw Blank Bits Of Paper Around

About that New World Order – you know that Bill and Melinda Gates run it through their foundation, right? Also, IBM was originally set up as the front of a eugenics trust with the sole mission of creating a worldwide race-based system. And BTW all this was originally funded by Adolf Hitler. There’s not a shred of evidence to support any of this, but that’s OK because you can throw blank bits of paper around to make it look like there is.


Go Topless

Being gifted with a kind of political second sight, you know that the US government regularly stages massacres in schools and shopping centres, hiring crisis actors to ‘die’ on screen. This triggers public outrage and sustains momentum for imposing tighter gun restrictions. It makes you burn with anger, literally, forcing you to rip your shirt off in desperation.


Cry Floods Of Tears At The Hopelessness Of It All

Your love for your fellow human beings is profound. Which is why you cry floods of tears knowing that the government is manipulating the weather to murder people on demand. Think about it; all those ‘natural’ disasters happening one after the other is pretty suspicious, right? It’s because they add radioactive isotopes to jet fuel which helps Obama and Elon Musk create and steer tornadoes to rub out pockets of dissent.


Bang The Table With Waves Of Impotent Fury

Once you start down the rabbit hole, there’s no knowing what truth you will uncover. Take Lady Gaga. She wears meat suits on the Super Bowl half time show because she’s performing a satanic ritual. Satanist elites have formed a global Stasi Borg state with the sole intention of defiling society and breaking the collective will. Next thing we’re bowing down to the Prince of Darkness. It makes you mad. Like, really mad. Banging the table solves everything. And nothing. Mostly nothing.

BONUS FEATURE: If you have 51 minutes and 41 seconds to spare this weekend, watch this Info Wars Conditioning Video for total mind control.





Thought For The Day




Pass Notes: Vulnerable Narcissism

Instant guides for the purposes of audience-centric strategy.

The Backstory

For hundreds of years up until the mid-1800’s, people gained and retained social status by responding to offence with duels.

Longswords and pistols at dawn were not so much used to kill an opponent as to restore one’s honour by demonstrating a willingness to risk one’s life for it.

The Ongoing Issue

In the 21st century, the pendulum has very much swung the other way; vulnerable narcissism (the need for constant sympathetic attention and protection from offence) helps to build a new kind of status around victimhood.


The Psychobabble

In his book ‘How to Successfully Handle Narcissists’ Psychologist Stephen Johnson describes a vulnerable narcissist as someone who buries their true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaces it with a highly developed, compensatory false self.

The Point of View

 The clashes we see on University campuses, say Jason Manning and Bradley Campbell, are not the familiar clashes between liberals and conservatives or the religious and the secular: instead, they are clashes between a new moral culture – victimhood culture – and a more traditional culture of dignity.

The Buzz Word

It all comes down to microaggressions. These are brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to people because of their group membership. The people making the comments might be well-intentioned but the gradual build-up of microaggressions create a sense of victimhood.

Get Ready For

Microaffirmations are the next big thing in the fight against victim culture. A tried and tested tool in sports psychology, the trick is to create apparently small and ephemeral acts to affirm and negotiate cultural identities wherever people wish to help others succeed.

This Is Basically

Random Acts of Kindness 2.0