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How To Spend A Trillion Quid

This week a private company became the first in the world to be valued at $1 trillion. Beating off rivals Amazon and Microsoft, Apple reached the milestone with a record share high of $207.39. In the same week, Ofcom released data showing worse than expected results on smartphone addiction – British adults check their phone once every 12 minutes, 71% say they never turn off their phone and 78% say they could not live without it. We are retreating deeper and deeper into our digital bubbles, so scientists say, at the expense of our empathy and social skills.

With all the magical skills and expansive visionary capacity at Apple, MotherZine wonders what the world would look like if the company turned its hand to more altruistic goals in tech. And just in case Tim Cook is reading this, here’s three things the company could invest its loose change in for a brighter future.


End planned obsolescence with 3-D metal printing

Will save the world because…

3D printing has so far been a novelty purchase for people who collect rubber cartoon characters which they proudly display in wall mounted cabinets around the house. But imagine if the world could print in metal; suddenly replacement parts for cars, tellys and everything else could be manufactured on demand. Ending planned obsolescence and landfill islands.

So invest in…

Desktop Metal, the early pioneers in office-friendly, affordable metal 3D printing.


Save the world’s waterways from dirty dairy farms


 Will save the world because…

Dairy farms produce more than just milk. Slurry, a super toxic mix of cow muck, urine and waste water kills fish and plants when it seeps into rivers. And leaks from farms account for a huge number of water pollution incidents around the world. But a new machine combines electrolysis and ultrasound to separate the slurry and transform it into clean water and a dry fertilizer, both of which can be re-used on the farm. No brainer.

So invest in…

Power & Water, a UK water technology company specialising in sono-electro chemistry that’ll clean up farming for good.


Capture every ounce of carbon from natural gas

Will save the world because…

Until renewables – and the companies that produce them – reach maturity, we’re probably stuck with natural gas as one of our primary sources of electricity for the foreseeable future. Although it’s cleaner than coal, gas is still a massive source of carbon emissions. But a test power plant in the States has found a way to generate power at a cheaper cost than standard natural-gas plants and capture all the carbon dioxide released in the process.

So invest in…

8 Rivers is developing the sustainable infrastructure of tomorrow by inventing and commercializing large-scale innovations in future-critical areas.




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Avocado Pop-Up Goes Permanent

Avobar, London’s first all-avo dining concept was so popular during its Covent Garden pop-up that its now popping off permanently. Opening in a matter of weeks, it launches with an eclectic menu with avo-infused labneh, humous and feta.

Avo & Toast Flavour Chocolate Is Here

Premium gourmet artisan chocolatiers Compartés have a launched new bar complete with real avocados and real toast. Its creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelized toast to create a crunchy, sweet unique chocolate sensation unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Apparently.

Unknown Chef Breaks Reddit With Awesome Avocado Slicing Technique

Move over Salt Bae, a new player’s rolled into town. With awesome precision and more flare than a firework display, a mystery sushi chef manages to cut an avocado into wafer-thin slices by slashing the fruit lengthways. The chef comes perilously close to cutting his hand but manages to confidently navigate his way through the slicing process. Meanwhile, medical professionals are calling for supermarkets to put safety labels on avocados, advising fans how to deal with the hard shell skin and tricky-to-remove stone.