Internet To Slice And Dice TV

US Talk Show Parts Are Greater Than The Sum

As Facebook’s long-form video stream Watch begins to roll out worldwide, MotherZine has gotten to wondering what shape our TV shows will take as the digital tail finally starts to wag the analogue dog. Will the killer plotline be revealed in the first three seconds of Eastenders from now on? Will News at 10 be anchored by beauty vloggers? And will we all have to buy new TVs in 4:5?

If there’s one TV format that’s already been comprehensively YouTube’d, it’s the late night chat shows on America’s screens. Actual chat is now sandwiched between successive feed-worthy 3 minute wonders. And with the Grande Dame of the genre, Carpool Karaoke, now ranking as the most-viewed YouTube series of all time, the tide is only flowing one way.

For the makers of traditional TV formats, this must make for challenging and unsettling times. So MotherZine has complied and dissected the five most popular chat shows on YouTube for the purposes of watching and learning how all TV will play out in the near future.


5. Conan

YouTube: 6m

Conan O’Brien’s YouTube goes long on stand-up comedy clips with talent and topics that are native to the US, hence the respectable but beatable subscriber numbers. But dressing up and being stupid with celebrities who’ve got new franchises to sell travels better overseas. And of course there’s gaming. Middle aged famous people attempting to play ultra-violent computer games turns out to be more watchable than previously imagined.


4. Jimmy Kimmel Live

YouTube: 12m

Kimmel is the original made-for-YouTube master with bulletproof playlists like Mean Tweets, 3 Ridiculous Questions and Judge James. All clips under 2 mins: check. Scroll-stopping within three seconds: check. Meaningless nonsense treated with the utmost care and attention just the way the web likes it? Check check check.




3. The Late Late Show With James Corden

YouTube: 16m

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke breaks all the meme rules. They clock in at an average of 20 minutes. The first few minutes are less than feed-worthy as James talks to himself on the phone and checks his quiff in the rear-view mirror. But then an enormous celebrity jumps into the Land Rover and the sparkle-dust washes over in an awesome, emotional wave. There are other meme moments generated by the show, but driving around LA singing at the top of your voice is really the only dish on the menu.


2. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

YouTube: 17m

Jimmy Fallon is a one-man meme machine. Almost every segment on the show seems like it was written for a YouTube playlist that blows up on instant contact with the internet. Which it generally does. You’ve got Tweet With Beats, Musical Genre Challenge, News & Improved and they all trend top ten on YouTube. Someone please headhunt the production team to slice and dice Graham Norton. It would make MotherZine’s Saturday nights so much better.




1. The Ellen Show

YouTube: 27m

Dogs on skateboards. Pirates jumping out of treasure chests. And of course Nicki Minaj revealing her latest nail varnish strategy; the most subscribed talk show on YouTube doesn’t push many envelopes. Here, then, is your YouTube strategy, should you wish to slay in lanes above and below the line with a new talk show. Surprise and delight with celebrity pranks. Sustain momentum with a #TBT segment featuring embarrassing family photos. And target mass niche audiences with emotional trigger moments .