Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk

Radical Candour And The Nobility Of Controlled Ranting Every year at the Edinburgh TV Festival, categories are judged and gongs are handed out for things like Channel Of The Year and Best Breakthrough Talent. But the one to watch, the one that throws up genuinely interesting results (because its chosen entirely by the Great Unwashed) […]

Auntie Stops The Scroll

All The Gear And No Idea  Regular viewers of the BBC’s television and radio output tend to agree that the corporation makes pretty good on its original promise to ‘Inform, educate and entertain’. But charges that the Beeb’s digital strategists are prone to narcolepsy are regular and sometimes probably true. Why does content disappear from […]

The No Fact Finding Genre

How To Be A Global Conspiracy Influencer Alex Jones, founder and presenter of Infowars, was disappeared from mainstream digital channels this week. Which was either an Orwellian hammer blow for free speech by unelected censors at Apple and YouTube. Or a resounding victory in the fight against hate speech and fake news. If there is […]

Invest In Our Ideas

How To Spend A Trillion Quid This week a private company became the first in the world to be valued at $1 trillion. Beating off rivals Amazon and Microsoft, Apple reached the milestone with a record share high of $207.39. In the same week, Ofcom released data showing worse than expected results on smartphone addiction […]