The Moment That Maketh The Meme

It’s a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time – or at least since Britney circa 2007. How can one (totes freaky) image spark a billion reactions? Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins told us that nuggets of cultural information – aka memes – can spread with a life of their own, evolving and mutating […]

Life Lessons From The Land Of Selfie

Life Lessons From The Land Of Selfie   If you live in/near/have ever visited West Hollywood, you’ll know three things about the building on 8221 Melrose Ave. It’s the Paul Smith store. It’s an oblong slab of vibrant pink. And it’s one of the most popular places to take a selfie in the world.   […]

Internet To Slice And Dice TV

US Talk Show Parts Are Greater Than The Sum As Facebook’s long-form video stream Watch begins to roll out worldwide, MotherZine has gotten to wondering what shape our TV shows will take as the digital tail finally starts to wag the analogue dog. Will the killer plotline be revealed in the first three seconds of […]

Alexa, Play My Entrance Song

Jeff Bezos Is A Supernatural Soundtrack Diety   Did you ever walk into a room in order to say or do something and wish that there was a musical god in the sky that would play the perfect song to make the moment go so much better? Hold that thought.   Amazon has unveiled a […]