Alexa, Play My Entrance Song

Jeff Bezos Is A Supernatural Soundtrack Diety


Did you ever walk into a room in order to say or do something and wish that there was a musical god in the sky that would play the perfect song to make the moment go so much better? Hold that thought.


Amazon has unveiled a new API that allows Alexa to communicate with motion sensors that come fitted with doors and windows. If you sync this up with Alexa Routines, you can set it to trigger things like songs, weather reports or news updates – but mostly SONGS because that means there IS a musical god that can soundtrack all your big entering-the-room moments to maximum effect.


MotherZine is of course preparing for this awesome reality with an extensive playlist. Here are some starters for ten.


When you’ve got some bat sh*t crazy news to tell everyone and you’re so excited you can hardly speak.


When your teenage boy and his mates are all rowdy in his room and you need to dominate the situation.


When you sneak in late and your boyfriend’s fallen asleep waiting for you on the sofa.


When your father-in-law is round and he goes all Daily Mail when Jacob Rees Mogg comes on the telly.



When it’s been a while and you need to relight the fire with a lacy number and some dry ice.


When your flatmate’s boyfriend overstays his welcome and he hijacks the soundbar with a Zero 7 playlist.


When you arrive late for Sunday lunch at the parents’ and the lamb chops are ruined.






How To Make An Entrance


Regular readers will know that MotherZine finds the psychology of interpersonal relations to be an infinite source of wisdom for everyday marcomm strategies. So while we’re on the subject of entrance making, here’s a guide for knowing how and when to show up.

Researchers in Germany watched videos of violinists to study the impressions the performers made in the moment they apoeared on the stage and before they played the first musical tone. And the result is a list of dos and don’ts that might just save your blushes.


Do Be Situation Aware

Know your audience before you show up and decide how grand your grand entrance should be. If it’s an informal situation, don’t try to make a big splash. Similarly, if you know everyone present, your impression was made long ago so the die is pretty much cast.


Don’t Be Late

It might seem like good impression management to be the last person to enter a room, but if you’re consistently late, you’ll only get a reputation as someone who’s unreliable.


Do Pause Briefly To Gather Your Thoughts

Even if you’ve timed things perfectly and you feel great about what will happen after you enter, you can still benefit by quickly taking a mental rundown of what you’re hoping to accomplish in the situation.


Do Acknowledge The Room

It’s a common misconception that the more popular you are, the less you need to acknowledge it (this is the essence of being cool). But the study proved that the most successful performers always returned peoples’ gazes and at least seemed glad to be there with them.


Don’t Be Copernicus

Admit to yourself that you’re often not the centre of attention. Then, when the actual big cheese enters the scene, keep in mind that everyone else wants to greet that person too, and don’t rush in to be the first.


Don’t Despair If At First You Balls Up

An unusually high number of entrances are ruined by people falling over or bumping into things. But these disaster moments are not insurmountable. Don’t spend the next hour making jokes about it. Smile, acknowledge that it happened and then move on.