Hardbacks And Memes

Beach Book Babylon

The economy flights are booked. The minimal yet homely Airbnb’s sorted. And the Love Island-approved thongs are packed. Yes, the holidays are coming. But what are you going to read on the beach? As a cultural explorer you want something that’ll nourish the soul and titillate the senses. You are, however, an aspiring master of the advertising universe, so you’ll want to be seen reading something that impresses the boss when he/she is stalking your Insta feed.

Confused? You needn’t be, because MotherZine has trawled the bargain bin of advertising books so you don’t have to.


Best Book For Creatives


 Crafting the perfect idea can take a toll on any creative, especially when there’s pressure involved. For James Webb Young, the answer came to him “while riding bareback along a country lane and seeing wild roses in bloom against an old stone wall”; in order to generate ideas, you need to learn the secrets of constant motivation.


Best Book For Strategists

To truly advertise effectively, you have to show consumers why and how your product is different from all of the others. But you can’t just prove that you are different – today, you need to prove that you’re radically different. How? Marty Neumeier has discovered the secret; “When everybody zigs, zag.”


Best Book For Suits

You can’t open people’s wallets without first opening their hearts and minds. To be the best account planner ever, you have got to be thoughtful and empathetic – which requires being a good listener. “If the answer’s always Twitter”, argues Jon Steel, “it must have been a really stupid question”.


Best Book For Business Directors

If you are starting or thinking of starting your own ad agency, you’re probably planning on writing a business plan, wooing investors and looking for good people to hire. But that’s a bad idea, says Jason Fried and David Hansson; it’s much better to “burn it all down and then get to work.”




Thought For The Day




Memes Are Coming Home

As if the shadowy forces controlling the British Isles had a national pride button to push in case of emergencies, football has once again become a very handy device to cancel out the ongoing misery of European trade tariffs, Russian nerve agents and the like.

It’s also inspired the nation’s meme army to raise their game around a 12-year-old Baddiel & Skinner novelty record. These are five on MotherZine’s hit parade…


Gareth SouthDrake



White Stripes


Sadimir Putin


We Need Puns. Lots Of Puns


Banana Splitz


Britney Houston