Easy Pill To Swallow

Bite-Sized Chunks Of Snackable Content It’s that familiar statistic again, striking fear in the hearts of creatives interested in telling any kind of long-form story – our attention spans have shrunk in less than a decade from twelve to eight seconds. But there is some good news for fans of content bigger than a postage […]

Hardbacks And Memes

Beach Book Babylon The economy flights are booked. The minimal yet homely Airbnb’s sorted. And the Love Island-approved thongs are packed. Yes, the holidays are coming. But what are you going to read on the beach? As a cultural explorer you want something that’ll nourish the soul and titillate the senses. You are, however, an […]

Read Between The Lines

This week, Karamo Brown from Queer Eye took on a new makeover brief, this time on behalf of everyone who’s ever used Netflix subtitles. Fans have been complaining that the channel’s subtitles misrepresent, censor and simplify dialogue on a range of shows. Netflix has duly vowed to raise its game and all has been forgiven. […]

The Meme Dream

Time of death? Google it. This isn’t the first article to link internet-related products and services with Jeremy Bentham’s 18th century model for industrialised control. And it won’t be the last. But this time it’s moderately more unsettling. Bentham’s Panopticon was designed to allow all the inmates of a prison to be observed by a single […]