Royal Flush

Royal Flush: 5 of the Best-Worst Royal Wedding Tie-ins There are some things in life that you just can’t avoid. The tax man. Your mum’s phone calls. That nagging feeling that – maybe, just maybe – you’ve left the iron on. Then of course, there’s the Royal Wedding. It started off slowly. A tenuous promotional […]

Craving For Connection Only Leaves Us Longing For More

Find Heaven: Slowly Back Away From Hell It’s surely a mark of complete and unassailable success when your product becomes so popular that, for the good of mankind, your company takes active steps to persuade customers from using it. So it is with Google and the upcoming Android P update. The new operating system is […]

Reverse Trollogy

Trolls Are Human. Trolls Need Love. Mother London teamed up with BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and a host of singing celebrities this week for a campaign and charity single to save digital trolls from themselves. Online abuse needs to be recognised as a public health issue and the internet will be a better place […]

Can’t Spell Gaming Without Fortnite

Fortnite Is The Only Game In The World Ever Unless you’ve been hiding in a proverbial bush for the last few months, you’ll no doubt be aware that that Fortnite is not just a thing. Its everything. A self-generating meme machine, it spawns whole new languages, dance crazes and even community campaigns IRL. But […]